More space missions are taking place in Lower Earth Orbit (LEO)...

The unique dynamics of this scenario require simulation capable of producing these effects.

This tech brief, Doppler Effects on Spaceborne PNT Applications; gives more insight into:

  • Determination of Doppler effects experienced by orbital vehicles
  • Doppler search space requirements for spaceborne receivers
  • BroadSim simulation capabilities for space-based scenarios
  • ...and more

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Positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) are  crucial for spaceborne applications. Newer, more advanced receivers are needed by providers and users to make sure LEO and VLEO missions have sufficient PNT capabilities. While the Doppler shifts experienced by receivers on these missions will be high, robust testing to ensure mission success is achievable using BroadSim simulation products powered by Skydel.

Who should read this tech brief?

  • Constellation Developers
  • System Integrators
  • Test Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • RF/GNSS Engineers